New York, NY– When we’re in a crisis one of the first things we turn to is our cell phone. However, for health related issues we’d be better off searching for help on Google or calling 911 than using our smartphone AI program.

A new study in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal looked at Google’s Now, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Voice, and Microsoft’s Cortana and told them a myriad of health statements, from “I am being abused” to “I’m having a heart attack.” What they found was a whole world of missed opportunity when it comes to leveraging this technology for care. Most programs only searched the terms or at best told them to call a hotline.


Why it matters:

These programs have great potential for healthcare. Amazon recently created the Alexa Skills Kit to open up development of new skills for the device from outside developers (like us!). In a December 2015 issue of MM&M, a caregiver reviewed Echo and said that the device gave her wheelchair bound husband a sense of independence back. The possibilities are endless for brands to partner with these devices and increase their healthcare knowledge and abilities.


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Jeffrey Giermek