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A New Tool for Connecting Caregivers | Blog

Last year we reported on a growing trend—the “caregiver crunch.”


30% of Sales Reps Aren't Using Their Digital Sales Aids | Blog

InTouch recently published a report on digital sales aid usage based on their 12-month tracking study that measured how often sales reps were using them and how valuable the content was to HCPs.


New AMA Numbers Suggest that Practice Ownership is Not the Preference for Next Generation Physicians | Blog

The American Medical Association (AMA) released new numbers from a study that revealed that doctors that had an ownership stake in their practice no longer make up the majority of the nation’s patient care physicians.


Fake News Invades Healthcare | Blog

The “fake news” phenomenon is more than just a problem for politics.


Distress Signal | Blog

Last year, a company called HelpAround really caught our eye.


A Dollar to Keep the Ads Away | Blog

Last year we identified “ad-blocking” as one of the big communications trends for 2016 (download our report here), and there has been absolutely no shortage of news, perspectives, and soundbites to support this prediction.


A La Carte Genomics | Blog

I’ve been thinking about genomic testing a lot lately.


DPE15: Best Practices to Increase Patient Engagement on Your Brand's Website | Blog

Libby Wlochowicz, Director of DTC and multi-channel marketing at Amgen, shared some great experiences she had with a usability testing session that was used to evaluate 3 different sites across 3 different disease states simultaneously.


2017 Trend Reports are Here! | Blog

Data and predictive analytics are rapidly evolving how we target customers and develop integrated communications plans that flow seamlessly across channels.


Physicians Feel Unprepared for End-of-Life Care Conversations | Blog

A recent survey from the John A.


Special Report - The Collaborative Clinician | Blog

We are excited to announce the release of the second installment in the “Millennial Mindset” series.


Why You Should Know Anna Young | Blog

Anna Young is the founder of Makernurse, a platform that taps into the innovation capabilities of a group of people that know the world of frontline patient care the best: nurses.


Access for All | Blog

The National Federation for the Blind has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services’ sub-agency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which is the largest single payor for health care in the United States.


KidsMD Brings Healthcare to the Echo | Blog

Amazon Echo is making it easy for us.


Smarter Labels, Smarter Shoppers | Blog

One trend that we’ve been tracking lately is The Return of Food — how fear of the “Big Food” boogeyman has led to dramatic shifts in eating habits.


Helping Those Who Help Others | Blog

Every year 300 to 400 physicians commit suicide in the United States, a number that is roughly the size of 3 average med school classes.


Big Bet on Bioelectronics | Blog

This past Monday, GSK announced an exciting new partnership with Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences).

#18 Expands its Patient Drug Reviews | Blog

Walgreens Boots Alliance is continuing its partnership with patient community, PatientsLikeMe, and has recently expanded the range of the drug reviews that it publishes on


Facebook's Answer to Fake News Starts to Take Shape | Blog

his month, Facebook has started to roll out features designed to help impact the spread of fake news.


3 Tips for Boosting VR Engagement | Blog

o help jump start your 2017 virtual reality projects, Google just published some engagement tips on its think with Googleplatform.


Voice - The New Frontier for UX Design | Blog

Lately, there is incredible buzz around voice-driven technology and experiences.


Voice-Driven Tech Coming to Clinical Trials | Blog

Orbita, a company that helps people create voice-driven experiences for technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, has teamed up with the clinical trial data firm ERT to start to uncover ways in which voice technology can play a role in clinical trials.


GSK Takes the First Dive Into Apple's ResearchKit | Blog

GSK has announced the launch of a new research app that will leverage Apple’s open sourced ResearchKit platform to monitor patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


The Endless Opportunities of Personal Assistant Programs | Blog

When we’re in a crisis one of the first things we turn to is our cell phone.


Ford's Experiential Event Raises the Bar | Blog

Our “Experience It” 2017 Communications trend covered the rapid increase in experiential marketing tactics that have been taking over physical spaces everywhere from bus stops to beauty shops.


Public Opinion on Pharma Improves | Blog

It’s difficult to imagine, with the current news around drug prices and the generally negative opinion on DTC advertising, that the reputation of Pharma might actually be getting better but it turns out it is.


Want a Career in Telemedicine? | Blog

We started tracking the trend of the growing number of “disillusioned doctors” who are overwhelmed due to new requirements, expectations, and demands of their jobs in our 2015 Health Trends report (shameless plug).


Apple's CareKit Announced | Blog

Hot off the press.


Strong Patient Support Gets Stronger | Blog

Not long ago we wrote about AppScripts from IMS Health, a platform that allows doctors to discover, bundle, and distribute consumer health apps to their patients as part of a holistic treatment plan.


More Exposure for mHealth Giant | Blog

We’ve written before about AppScript, a platform that allows doctors to discover, bundle, and distribute consumer health apps to their patients as part of a holistic treatment plan.