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Facebook's Answer to Fake News Starts to Take Shape | Blog

his month, Facebook has started to roll out features designed to help impact the spread of fake news.


A Pharmacist's Impact - Quantified | Blog

There’s been no shortage of coverage on the rapidly evolving role of the pharmacist and of the community pharmacy.


Seize the Micro-Moments | Blog

We are always on the lookout for interesting clues and ideas that reinforce or expand upon the trends that we track (in case you missed it, our most recent trend report – 2016 Digital Trends – can be found here).


30% of Sales Reps Aren't Using Their Digital Sales Aids | Blog

InTouch recently published a report on digital sales aid usage based on their 12-month tracking study that measured how often sales reps were using them and how valuable the content was to HCPs.

#5 Expands its Patient Drug Reviews | Blog

Walgreens Boots Alliance is continuing its partnership with patient community, PatientsLikeMe, and has recently expanded the range of the drug reviews that it publishes on


What Else Is Your Phone Tracking? | Blog

We’re quite used to thinking about our smartphone as a tool to track wellness—a parking lot for apps that can keep tabs on exercise, caloric intake, heart rate, sleep, and plenty of other things.


It's About Time | Blog

A “2 for 1” is usually something to celebrate, but in findings from a study published last month by the American College of Physicians, 2:1 represents a growing problem for American physicians.


A Different Kind of Match Made in Heaven | Blog

What does the largest app for meeting new people and the NHS Blood and Transplant organization have in common?


Digital Health and the Medicare Population - A Love Story | Blog

“Even though it’s online you feel very much apart of the community” “Its just second nature for me now” These are quotes you might not expect a 70 year old, much less one who is discussing their digital health intervention, to say.


Emoji Overload | Blog

Think that emoji’s have jumped the shark?


AiCure and the Future of Adherence | Blog

Using artificial intelligence to monitor patient adherence?


2017 Trend Reports are Here! | Blog

Data and predictive analytics are rapidly evolving how we target customers and develop integrated communications plans that flow seamlessly across channels.


Fake News Invades Healthcare | Blog

The “fake news” phenomenon is more than just a problem for politics.


DPE15: Personalization Starts with a Person | Blog

At a conference full of next gen digital ideas for smart and tailored solutions, Doug Braun and Atul Goyal from Zoetis Animal Health shared some thoughts on a novel concept – maybe greater personalization for our customers can start with a person, the sales representative.


Special Report - The Collaborative Clinician | Blog

We are excited to announce the release of the second installment in the “Millennial Mindset” series.


The Digital Divide | Blog

Nearly 5 million families in the U.S still do not have access to high-speed internet.


Pokémon Go Democratizes AR | Blog

The Pokémon franchise recently released a game that has received massive attention (read: broke the internet).


Scoring the Probability for Success | Blog

Patient activation and education services “beyond the pill” have been a trend, and now there is some concrete value proof to all of it.


Is Messaging the Next UI? | Blog

As a designer I tend to spend quite a bit of time on sites like Dribbble and ProductHunt looking for the next trend in design, and often losing track of time going down some rabbit hole on the internet in search of who created what and why.


Want a Career in Telemedicine? | Blog

We started tracking the trend of the growing number of “disillusioned doctors” who are overwhelmed due to new requirements, expectations, and demands of their jobs in our 2015 Health Trends report (shameless plug).


Pain Beyond Numbers | Blog

Emojis, GIFs, selfies, and memes—they’re quick, visual, global and they’re everywhere.


Real Time Precision | Blog

These days, most of the headlines about “live streaming” will lead you down a path of debates over copyright infringement, piracy, and a slew of Meerkat vs Periscope opinions.


Strong Patient Support Gets Stronger | Blog

Not long ago we wrote about AppScripts from IMS Health, a platform that allows doctors to discover, bundle, and distribute consumer health apps to their patients as part of a holistic treatment plan.


Big Bet on Bioelectronics | Blog

This past Monday, GSK announced an exciting new partnership with Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences).


What's Taking up Physicians' Time? | Blog

As we know, physicians are incredibly busy, and a new analysis from Health Affairs has found what one of the key contributing factors of their busyness is: physicians spend on average 15.1 hours per week gathering info that helps insurers keep tabs on quality of care.


Prepd to Change Lunchtime | Blog

Prepd is about to revolutionize lunch packing and as marketers we should take notice.


Fast-Food Healthcare | Blog

I recently came across an article titled “Doctors Dislike Technology because it Delivers a Fast-Food Future of Healthcare” by Dr.


Public Opinion on Pharma Improves | Blog

It’s difficult to imagine, with the current news around drug prices and the generally negative opinion on DTC advertising, that the reputation of Pharma might actually be getting better but it turns out it is.


The Rep Evolution | Blog

Recently, one of our clients asked the GSW innovation team if there was some way to flip the typical rep ad board meeting and turn it into something more engaging… more productive… more (saw this one coming) innovative.


Ford's Experiential Event Raises the Bar | Blog

Our “Experience It” 2017 Communications trend covered the rapid increase in experiential marketing tactics that have been taking over physical spaces everywhere from bus stops to beauty shops.