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Fierce Pharma Marketing Tees up Trends for 2021—and Big News, They're Not All COVID-19-Related | In The Media

Pharma organizations [should] stand forward as the innovators they’ve always been.


Pharma Tweets Up by 530% in 2014 | Blog

Ogilvy recently released a report on pharma’s use of social media in 2014: Connecting the Dots.


Digital Video Takes Over as the New—and Cheaper—TV Advertising for Pharma | In The Media

“We don’t all consume the same live TV programming or even streaming services anymore,” Leigh Householder, managing director of omnichannel strategy at Syneos Health shares in this Fierce Pharma article.


PM360 Magazine Announces 2017 Pharma Choice Awards | In The Media

Congratulations to Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Biosector 2 for being recognized in the 2017 Pharma Choice Gold Unbranded category of the PM360 2017 Pharma Choice Awards.


Who's Getting Pharma Apps Right? | Blog

Why is it that pharma apps don’t get the same downloads and usage as apps from other industries?


Public Opinion on Pharma Improves | Blog

It’s difficult to imagine, with the current news around drug prices and the generally negative opinion on DTC advertising, that the reputation of Pharma might actually be getting better but it turns out it is.


Trust me, I’m from pharma | In The Media

This PMLiVE article delves into how pharma can work to enhance its reputation.


Beacons for Pharma | Blog

The idea of leveraging beacon technology for pharma clients has been striking a chord with many of our brand teams.


New Rules for Physicians and Pharma in New Jersey | Blog

On Monday, January 15th tighter rules went into effect regarding transactions between physicians and pharma in New Jersey.



Could this work for pharma?


17 SEO Tips for Pharma Websites | In The Media

Stephan Saba, SVP, Head of Digital, Media & Experience at GSW Advertising, wrote an article for PM360 talking about search engine optimization and the opportunity to optimize digital experience in the pharma world.


Creativity and pharma meet in Cannes as marketers head to 4th Lions Health festival | In The Media

Why is this festival so attractive to pharma?


Millennials, Snapchat And Pharma, Oh My! | Blog

That recipe has experts to believe Snapchat and Pharma are about to start dating.


Digital Pharma East 2018: All the Highlights | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy Team recently traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


Fresh Stats—Pharma/Healthcare Digital Ad Spend | Blog

eMarketer’s latest numbers on Pharma’s digital ad spend are in, and the word of the day is growth.


Digital Pharma East: Day 1 Recap | Blog

This week, the Digital & Social Strategy Team traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


Snapchat: We’re the Best Social Platform for Pharma Ads | Blog

Deploying ambassadors to speak at the marketing conference DigiPharma Connect, Snapchat is vying to position itself as the best social media outlet for pharma marketing.


Digital Pharma East: Day 2 Recap | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy team is back at Digital Pharma East for Day 2.


Which trends will impact pharma marketers in 2018? | In The Media

Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation, is featured in the FiercePharma article talking about trends that will impact pharma marketers in 2018.


Could Coronavirus Re-shape Learning and Development in Pharma? | In The Media

An insightful PMLive article by Yvonne Ash (VP Learning Solutions) focusing on the evolving role of learning and development, and how to prepare for a new digital age in pharma.


Infographic: Are we witnessing the death of pharma apps? | Blog

The German app company, SmartPatient, who developed the health app MyTherapy for iOS and Android, conducted deep research into pharma mobile application usage and content.


Lonely planet: why there is dwindling value in pharma travelling alone | In The Media

This PMLiVE article delves into why collaboration is the best way forward for pharma.


Top Patient and Advocate Quotes for Pharma from eyeforpharma ‘18 | Blog

Live from EFP ‘18: This afternoon, a panel of 5 patients, advocates and pharma-patient connectors engaged in a discussion titled, “Where is the trust?


Big Pharma Fund Fights Menacing Superbugs | Blog

At the start of a long, uphill battle, big pharma is helping bring some novel antibiotics to market.


Pharma brands short-listing at Cannes | Blog

Live from Cannes Lions: What better place to talk about life-change creativity than in the pharma short list showcase at Cannes?


Pharma, We (Still) Have A (Communication) Problem | Blog

In 2014, 76% of patients surveyed stated their interested in pharma companies providing services that complement their products.


Fake Pharma Ad Helps Launch Music Album | Blog

As with any new pharma launch, much planning goes into messaging, target market, channel optimization, and several additional pieces to the process.


Pharma Comms Should Forget Its Social Media Fomo and Realize That They’re the Gold Standard | In The Media

You’re not missing out in your use of social media in pharma comms, says Duncan Arbour, our SVP Innovation, Europe.


Facebook: New functionality and policies for pharma | Blog

Live From Lions Health: Facebook announced key new ways its serving the pharma industry, including new services and policy exemptions.


Why Pharma Companies Should Focus their Innovation Efforts on Health Categories Beyond Medication | Blog

Why Pharma Companies Should Focus their Innovation Efforts on Health Categories Beyond Medication