Science is at the foundation of everything we do. Published peer-reviewed data gives us the citeable sources we need for future projects. But what is the value of the best data if it is not communicated well or if no one “hears” it? Scientific strategy is a core competency in our business, to ensure the scientific story is delivered in an accurate and transparent manner. Marketing acumen, on the other hand, is necessary to ensure that the message lands and is easily and clearly understood by the correct audiences. Ideally, the blend of the two result in compelling medical communications—but how?

Getting to that sweet spot in medical communications requires a blend of both scientific strategy and marketing acumen. The balance between the two can generate a communication that is both fully supported and easily accessible. These two simple principles will also take us far along the path to asset awareness, early adoption, and setting a product apart from its competitors, regardless of the channel or activity. It’s not enough to just “put the data out there”—for full effect for clients and patients, it behooves us to ensure that the scientific story is not just accessed but fully understood by the appropriate people. Through these conversations, we create stories that matter—stories that can change patients’ lives.

With the need to pivot to virtual during the pandemic, the necessity of including both scientific strategy and marketing acumen in every conversation became especially clear. As an example, for one client Cadent had to develop an entire virtual booth and assets in 2.5 months, ensuring each asset reflected a highly specific scientific strategy. But that was just the start. Crucially, we needed to deliver all assets in an interactive manner. The booth as a whole needed a comprehensive engagement strategy, with earning people’s attention in this digital environment being a new challenge and an indispensable component of making sure the science reached our audiences. The partnership of both—science and engagement—was core to successful delivery

Regardless of how much our industry changes, the mindful interplay of scientific strategy and marketing insight will always stand at the core of our business. Whenever we approach medical communications, we should ensure these two voices have a role in the conversation for the best possible outcome.

About the Author:

Molly is a Vice President, Account Director at Cadent Medical Communications, powered by Syneos Health. She has more than 20 years of experience in both medical publishing and medical communications and enjoys being involved in new business development at Cadent. Molly partners with scientific leads to head several accounts and drive for excellence in execution and organic growth.