It’s no secret that healthcare and wellness are newer to Super Bowl advertising, especially when compared to the much-anticipated over-the-top beer commercials, car ads, and celebrity spots. However, we predict they are here to stay. As the democratization of healthcare continues and more control and choice lands in the hands of consumers, branding and reputation efforts may become more common in the competition among large hospitalsystems. 

St. Elizabeth Healthcare, one of the oldest, largest, and most respected medical providers in the Greater Cincinnati region, unveiled a 60-second commercial this past Sunday after the second quarter of Super Bowl LII. 

You can view the spot here:

GSW developed the 60-second “I’m Right Here” spot for St. Elizabeth, which features nearly 30 of its own associates from multiple departments. The spot was directed by award-winning director Rob Meltzer of Granite Grove, who is best known for his poignant online film for Dove Men+Care, “Calls for Dad,” which appeared during the 2015 Super Bowl. 

The entire campaign will consist of three new commercials of varying lengths. They will also run on NBC during the Winter Olympics (Feb. 9-25).

Why it Matters:

Healthcare brands breaking into the Super Bowl is right in line with one of our top trends for 2018: Cinematic Storytelling. Healthcare brands are increasingly inspired by performance brands, and the stories they’re telling today are big, bold and produced like blockbusters. They link up with human motivation and take “yes, I can” to a whole new level of empowerment. Big brands are putting real dollars together to build video that really means something to people and they’re placing this high-production content in new, high-visibility places like the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. “Go big or go home” may be the calling card for break-through healthcare creativity in 2018 and beyond.

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