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Disappearing Technology | Blog

Disappearing Technology is a trend that, if done well, you won’t even notice.


2017 Trend Tracking: Tackling Invisible Bias Within Artificial Intelligence | Blog

Will Knight, Senior Editor, AI for MIT Technology Review, wrote an article last week citing the growing concern over how algorithms, while set out to help the average consumer, are increasingly becoming more and more bias…and everyone is turning a blind eye.


Norwegian News Site Pushes Back on Our Push It Trend | Blog

The Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) may have just cracked the code for preventing countless ignorant online quarrels.


Want a Career in Telemedicine? | Blog

We started tracking the trend of the growing number of “disillusioned doctors” who are overwhelmed due to new requirements, expectations, and demands of their jobs in our 2015 Health Trends report (shameless plug).


Future Festival 2019 Recap: Retail Innovation, Omnichannel & Marketing | Blog

Toronto-based innovation shop Trend Hunter has cranked out over 10,000 custom trends profiles in the past decade, and they compressed their annual 3-day innovation experience into an 8-hour intensive course.


Syneos Health Releases the 2019 Health Trend Ten, Outlining Critical Shifts Impacting Drug Development and Commercialization | In The Media

eBook Provides Biopharma Decision Makers With What’s-Next Insights to Navigate Challenges and Capitalize on the Opportunities Ahead


2018 Marketing Trends | Perspectives

Shifts in how brands are earning time, attention and loyalty


2018 Consumer Trends | Perspectives

Expectations created by media, peers and entertainment


2018 Healthcare Trends | Perspectives

New realities in accessing, giving and receiving healthcare


2018 Digital Trends | Perspectives

Behavior changes influenced by technology, tools and devices


2018 Commercial Trends | Perspectives

Rewired commercial model evolving from every point of influence in health and healthcare


Trend: People Expect More Than a Prescription | Blog

People increasingly expect to be active participants in their healthcare.


The Rise of the Contract Doctor Points to New Opportunities for Engagement | Blog

The gig economy isn't just for Uber—doctors are increasingly taking contract roles as providers fill the gap left by retiring HCPs and physician shortages.


Pfizer - Send A Text & Save 50% On Viagra | Blog

Pfizer’s new television ad is revolutionary for the pharmaceutical industry and is closely following one of our new 2017 Communication Trends.


Relearning launch: Four key dynamics for pharma launches in 2019 | In The Media

Syneos Health examines some of the key trends shaping industry launches in 2019 and beyond.


The UnLonely Project: An Age-Old Problem Tackled by a New Age Solution | Blog

Therapy and psychiatry costs tend to be high and many insurance plans cover only a small portion of those services.


Enough with the gardening grandma pictures already | Blog

When the futurists at Ford started work on their first-ever trends report, they were looking for insights into what may influence consumers’ values, attitudes and behaviors in the coming year.


How an App Raised Adherence by 54% | Blog

Here’s a fantastic little case study of our Let’s Play trend in action (see Digital Trend #6).


What We're Reading | Blog

It’s often just a matter of keeping your eyes peeled for emerging trends and exciting new opportunities.


2017 Digital Trend Update: Pokémon Go Turns 1 | Blog

Pokémon Go's first birthday marks a chance to reevaluate how Augmented Reality (AR) is evolving today and tomorrow's digital marketing


Scoring the Probability for Success | Blog

Patient activation and education services “beyond the pill” have been a trend, and now there is some concrete value proof to all of it.



The Industrial Internet is already having a profound impact on consumers today.


Digital Brand Safety Net: Are Your Metrics Authentic? | Blog

Several trends we are following this year touch on data.


10 Influential Health Industry Facts for 2015 | Blog

As 2014 is winding down, our 2015 trend reports are just heating up.


Search for the Right Patient - the Personal Label | In The Media

Leigh Householder, EVP/ Managing Director of Insights and Innovation at Syneos Health writes about the shift towards more personalised labels with the most impact on the right patient - taken from SyneosHealth 2019 Health Trend Ten.


Smarter Labels, Smarter Shoppers | Blog

One trend that we’ve been tracking lately is The Return of Food — how fear of the “Big Food” boogeyman has led to dramatic shifts in eating habits.


Real Patient Stories Help Ground Tomorrow's Doctors | Blog

Many doctors-to-be spend the first several years of medical school entrenched in rigorous academic activity, but miles away from any living, breathing patients.


Key elements of engaging healthcare employees | In The Media

In this article published in the October 2017 edition of O'Dwyer's magazine, Cynthia Isaac, Head of Corporate Communications Practice, talks about why engagement of healthcare employees is such a challenge and discusses three global trends that are at play.


The Pharmacist’s Role Continues to Evolve | Blog

As our team prepares for the release of our 2019 Trend Reports in the coming weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on several of the highlights from our 2018 Reports that garnered extra attention and sparked the most ideas with our clients.


Wellness Without Even Breaking a Sweat | Blog

The British fitness chain’s newest program is exemplifying our 2017 Consumer Trend Sleep’vangelism.