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The Week That Was: No Rest for the Wicked | Blog

We’ve recapped Scott Gottlieb’s eventful penultimate week at the FDA in this week’s edition of The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: Crises in Communications | Blog

No matter whether you were the lone staffer in your office or relaxing on a beach somewhere this past week, we’ve got the run down on the latest healthcare headlines—the good, the bad and the ugly—to help you get you back up to speed.


New Hospital Collaboration Aims to Manufacture Generic Drugs To Reduce Pricing | Blog

Over the past several years, we have all grown accustomed to the drug-pricing-war headlines.


The Week That Was: May We Borrow $52m? | Blog

AI is to 2019 what blockchain was to 2018.


FDA Lost That Lovin’ Feeling | Blog

The FDA lost its lovin’ feeling this week and we kept busy evaluating Louisiana’s new drug pricing proposal and watching not one, but two, Congressional hearings covering both Right to Try and the national opioid epidemic.


The Week That Was: Could President Barbie Take on Drug Pricing? | Blog

In this week’s edition of The Week That Was, we analyze the possible implications a presidential impeachment would have on drug pricing policy.


The Week That Was: No shortage of highs | Blog

Read about the hearing in this week’s edition of The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: 20 Hours of in-flight fun? | Blog

Learn why not all PR is good PR in this week’s edition of The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: Full-Speed- Ahead Fall | Blog

Check out our take on which policies could move in this week’s edition of The Week That Was.


Two new therapies and a pricing pledge walk into 2018… | Blog

The Week That Was is back in the New Year, with a new look and new company name: Syneos Health.


The Week That Was: Bearing the Market and Blowing the Whistle | Blog

Check out this week’s edition of The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: 2019 Edition | Blog

We’ve broken down some of the biggest healthcare stories of 2019.


The Week That Was: Thank u, next | Blog

The anti-vaccination movement is causing challenges not just in healthcare, but now in tech.


Our Halloween issue with much ghoul, few goodies | Blog

Let’s take stock of last week’s sweets, scary stuff, as well as the inevitable sour apple just in case you missed them.


The Week That Was: Riding the Blues | Blog

We dig into their reputation repair campaign and how it’s impacting the competition in this week’s The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: No one likes a bad kiss | Blog

Drug makers aren’t the only ones under pressure for high costs.


The Week That Was: Dude, where’s my paycheck? | Blog

Take a look at the latest insights in this week’s issue of The Week That Was.


How ad hoc experimentation is changing the system | Blog

A few weeks ago, Seth Godin wrote a fairly-hilarious post about what organizations can learn from airports.


(Yeah, Weird Week) | Blog

This year’s midterms had the highest voter turnout in 50 years.


Digital Pharma East: Day 1 Recap | Blog

This week, the Digital & Social Strategy Team traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


RiRi, Right-to-Try & Things Get REAL in the Not-So-Friendly Skies | Blog

We know its Monday and the weather on the east coast is still hovering around 30º, but hang in there, fasten your seat belts, put up your tray tables and read on for The Week That Was...


Campaign Launched To Reduce Medication-Associated Harm by 50 Percent | Blog

A campaign launched this week by World Health Organization (WHO) to attempt to reduce medication-associated harm in all countries by 50 percent over the next 5 years.


Can You Feel The Love? | Blog

This week was all about showing the love—from self-admiration to all-out corporate courting.


Read on for more in The Week That Was. | Blog

It was another intense week in healthcare headlines.


The Week That Was: Ready, Set, Bird Box Challenge | Blog

And over at TWTW-headquarters we spent the last days of December working on a little project: TWTW 2.0, a new, improved version of the newsletter you know and love.


The Week That Was: Alexa, what do you know about drug pricing? | Blog

House of Representatives for a vote in just a few weeks.


Hold the Gravy, Pass the Beta Blockers? | Blog

Before we fade into a tryptophan-induced slumber, let’s review some of the big announcements from last week.


The Week That Was: ... | Blog

It’s all in the latest edition of The Week that Was.


Your Wallet Just Became Thinner | Blog

When I watched the Apple Keynote last week, it wasn’t the highly media-hyped Apple Watch, but the Apple Pay feature, that caught my attention.


Abbvie: How to Create Superhero Brands in Healthcare | Blog

Ryan Quigley, Vice President, Immunology, Global Marketing, and Bruce Henderson, Chief Creative Officer at Jack Morton Worldwide, took the stage at Cannes to talk about ways to build brands through brand experience.