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Snow-much to discuss! | Blog

While many of you took a well-deserved snow day, The Week That Was team was glued to our computer screens.


Digital Pharma East 2018: All the Highlights | Blog

The Digital & Social Strategy Team recently traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences.


Startups Present Antidepressant AI | Blog

Based on data from the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) study, one of the largest-ever clinical trials for depression, a startup called Taliaz is helping physicians pick the right antidepressant therapy off the bat.


Price chopping, PFDD & PABNAB | Blog

While the rest of the globe is focused on soccer (or football), we haven't missed last week's penalty k


Big (Baby) Blue Enhances Health Benefits for Parents | Blog

Last week, Big Blue extended its maternity leave from 14 weeks of paid time off to up to 20 weeks.


The Pharmacist’s Role Continues to Evolve | Blog

As our team prepares for the release of our 2019 Trend Reports in the coming weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on several of the highlights from our 2018 Reports that garnered extra attention and sparked the most ideas with our clients.


Accumulators, cannabinoids & opioids (Intrigued? | Blog

While we’re busy celebrating Earth Day by eating local, non-bagged lettuces and reading and recycling newspapers, we also caught up on breaking news in healthcare headlines


Little Innovation Tool We Love | Blog

Part of our team is off to Switzerland this week to talk about practical ways to add innovation into your daily work.


You’re gonna need headphones for this one | Blog

Hanukkah just ended, Christmas is in two weeks—and there are only 22 days left in 2018…Feeling sufficiently overwhelmed?


Says Report | Blog

A global alliance of 17 organizations, headed up by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), published a report advising doctors to prescribe exercise to cancer patients.


EASD’s Key Takeaways: The View from Boots on the Ground | Blog

EASD—Europe’s largest Diabetes Congress—just wrapped up.


2017 Trend Tracking: Tackling Invisible Bias Within Artificial Intelligence | Blog

Will Knight, Senior Editor, AI for MIT Technology Review, wrote an article last week citing the growing concern over how algorithms, while set out to help the average consumer, are increasingly becoming more and more bias…and everyone is turning a blind eye.


Thoughts on Value-Based Arrangements from Industry Leaders | Blog

Lilly & Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare's CEOs shared their thoughts on value-based arrangements between pharma and payers


Amazon Starts Marketing Its Prescription Drugs | Blog

Last week, many Amazon Prime members received more than their usual flow of order confirmations and shipping notifications, with the retail leviathan inviting some users to “Meet PillPack, a new member of the Amazon family.”


Roaring in Like a Lion… | Blog

The Week That Was team is relieved to be back online after that wicked nor’easter gusted through town, taking out power, crippling train lines and most certainly mussing our hair.


Behavior Change: When Mapping the Patient Journey Isn't Enough | Blog

How might we apply these insights to the patient journey?


New Study Confirms Shared Decision Impacts Both Outcomes and Satisfaction | Blog

Last week at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the results of a recent prospective studyshed new light on the importance of shared decision making in elective surgeries.


Bring on the Sunshine | Blog

Last week, we witnessed biotech billionaires get charged with fraud for misleading investors and watched Memorial


The Health Experience Project is back! | Blog

Huge thanks to all of you who have reached out to check in on the very quiet Health Experience Project over the last few weeks.


The Get Out and Vote Issue | Blog

While we eat the leftover Halloween candy (that’s why we get the Reese’s), the team at TWTW is getting amped up for our next big event of the season: the midterm elections.


Olympic Gold, Pricing Pressure & Alzheimer Treatments | Blog

Spent last week watching Shaun White win his third gold medal?


Utah sends patients south for drugs & value-based contracts could sail into safe harbor | Blog

Well, readers, it is - - amazingly - - the last month of 2018.


Just Ask Alexa | Blog

If for some reason you thought there wasn’t anything else Amazon could tap into, you’d be wrong.


Betting, Biohacking & BYOD | Blog

CEO’s were making headlines last week for a host of reasons.


Medicine’s #MeToo Moment | Blog

What a week!


In2Summit Conference: All The Highlights | Blog

Last week a few team members from InVentiv were attendees at the In2Summit Conference held at the Ham Yard Hotel near Piccadilly.


Apple Doubles Down on Health in Recent Weeks | Blog

From new hires to emerging partnerships, Apple's recent actions reveal increased focus on revolutionizing healthcare


Dueling Daredevils and Drugmakers | Blog

Actually Marvel does, with a video short that calculates the healthcare costs Daredevil has incurred from his injuries as compared to everyone else he’s brawled with.


We’ve Got Stamina | Blog

FDA had another busy week: recalling Ritz crackers & goldfish, committing to create a modernized definition of what is a “dairy product,” approving new magnetic systems to prevent breast cancer patients from being exposed to excessive radioactive materials during biopsies.


2014 Marketing Trends: Exclusive iBook | Blog

We covered an entire room with ideas.