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What Nutrition Professionals Are Cooking Up: A FNCE Recap | Blog

In October, I attended the 2018 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Washington, DC.


Eli Lilly to Open New Innovation Center | Blog

Eli Lilly plans to open a drug delivery and innovation center in Kendall Square, Massachusetts.


Advocacy in HIV: Applying Blood Pressure | Blog

Live From Lions Health: Nearly 2/3s of the world’s developed countries have a ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood.


Stressed About Your Diet? | Blog

For those of us squarely in the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere, fall is upon us, and that means more than PSLs to our Innovation team—trendspotting season is well underway.


Gauging the Appetite for Chatbots | Blog

Seems like there is no shortage of talk now-a-days about these A.I. systems , and more and more people are starting to encounter them in their messenger app/chat-filled lives.


Fresh Out Of The Oven: Tide Pod Pizza | Blog

Well, that was quick!


Can Doctors Pull a Diagnosis Out of Your Pocket? | Blog

As fitness trackers and wearables saturate the market, more and more patients are stepping into their doctors’ offices armed with personal health data.


Lyft Offering (Some) Free Rides to the Hospital | Blog

Nonprofit hospital system Partners HealthCare has unveiled a joint venture with Circulation, an on-demand rideshare service, through which Medicare patients receive free rides to their doctor’s offices in non-emergencies.


A Syneos Health Short - 21st Century Cures | In The Media

The 21st Century Cures Act was passed at the end of 2016 in an effort to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of new therapies.


Question of the Week: Who’s Responsible for Addiction? | Blog

The first week of January was brimming with activity for life sciences companies.


Roche’s “Floodlight” a Multiple Sclerosis Game Changer | Blog

Pharmaceutical giant Roche’s new app for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) revolutionizes how doctors care for patients with the disease.


Norwegian News Site Pushes Back on Our Push It Trend… | Blog

The Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) may have just cracked the code for preventing countless ignorant online quarrels.


2017 Digital Trend Update: Pokémon Go Turns 1 | Blog

Pokémon Go's first birthday marks a chance to reevaluate how Augmented Reality (AR) is evolving today and tomorrow's digital marketing


HXP Picks: New apps, new stories, new world | Blog

Thanks to our brilliant contributors, we have another collection of healthcare experiences and innovations to share.


Stop buying ads for people to skip | Blog

I went to YouTube this morning to watch the newest Samsung Galaxy commercial, hoping it would be as funny as my husband promised.


Behavioral Science's Impact on Marketing | In The Media

Read about how to apply behavioral science to your marketing work in this PharmaVOICE article.


Cough, sore throat and a better experience | Blog

An app isn’t right for every brand, but when it is right, it can be really powerful.


Takeda: #FlyWithIBD | Blog

After a recent unpleasant transcontinental flight due to IBD, a Takeda employee was left with one question, “How can the company I work for help people flying with IBD have a more comfortable flight experience?”


Infection Detection: What's next for wound care? | Blog

But researchers from the University of Bath in London are looking to take this idea and apply it to healthcare.


Behavior Change: When Mapping the Patient Journey Isn't Enough | Blog

How might we apply these insights to the patient journey?


Scientists to Monitor Diabetes Through Color-Changing Tattoos | Blog

Though pioneering a brand-new health-monitoring technology, scientists at the Technical University of Munich are doing it through an ancient art: tattoos.


How do you track your medicine? | Blog

The FDA announced exciting news this month.


Why We Need To Care For The Caregivers | Blog

We talk a lot about the rise individualized medicine― but that is really a misnomer.


The Duplicity of Mental Health Coverage and One City’s Initiative | Blog

Only in recent years have insurance companies been mandated to provide equal benefits for mental health as they do for general medical care.


More Exposure for mHealth Giant | Blog

We’ve written before about AppScript, a platform that allows doctors to discover, bundle, and distribute consumer health apps to their patients as part of a holistic treatment plan.


Prescription Video Game? | Blog

Akili Interactive Labs doesn’t develop medicines or molecules, but it’s still hoping to earn a prescription.


How A Brand Created the World's Largest Public Hygiene Campaign | Blog

Samir Singh, global brand vice president at Unilever, asked that if we pass his story on, we start by showing this incredible video.


Meeker's Perennial Internet Trends Report Adds New Digital Health Section for 2017 | Blog

Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends presentation captured new insights into dozens of digital advancements in healthcare


A Pocket-sized Nutritionist | Blog

Track this, monitor that.