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Hazy, Not So Lazy, Days | Blog

Happy Monday, readers!


10 Apps For Caregivers | Blog

Many of us are faced with the daunting task of caring for our loved ones.


Patients want a (download) recommendation | Blog

Not long ago, a client described a particular patient type to me.


Ian Read, Len Schleifer Hug-It-Out Following Drug Price Scuffle | Blog

It may be April 2nd, but we couldn’t let April Fool’s pass without The Week That Was team having a little fun.


Voice - The New Frontier for UX Design | Blog

But do the old rules of user experience design still apply?


The Week That Was: Full-Speed- Ahead Fall | Blog

Congress is back from summer recess and healthcare is top of mind.


New Rules for Physicians and Pharma in New Jersey | Blog

On Monday, January 15th tighter rules went into effect regarding transactions between physicians and pharma in New Jersey.


Bring on the Sunshine | Blog

As tempests raged along our coasts and in the nation’s capital last week, we are all left asking for a metaphoric and literal dose of sunshine and transparen-C.


Download this and call me in the morning | Blog

One of the few places we still get homework as adults is the doctor’s office.


CVS App is Digitally Driving Adherence | Blog

While the challenge of non-adherence is far from news in our industry, CVS Health has nonetheless focused multiple work streams on quantifying, qualifying and reversing its impact on healthcare costs.


Grinder App Used to Distribute HIV Self Testing Kits | Blog

Researchers at Indiana University and University of California recently launched a banner ad within the Grinder app to distribute free self-testing kits to the more than 5 million Grinder users.


Trend: People Expect More Than a Prescription | Blog

They’re bringing their own data and research into the exam room and self-treating with food and apps.


Apps to Push Prescription Drugs Over the Counter | Blog

In the first half of this new year, the United States FDA will incentivize many pharmaceutical brands to make their biggest prescription drugs available over the counter.



A recent study by Allidura Consumer, GSW and Harris Poll finds that adult millennials highly value happiness, but there appears to be a big tension between their aspirations for happiness–97% say it’s important–and the well-documented way millennials are currently living.


Smart Socks Predict Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients | Blog

Companies like Athena are giving Apple watches out for free to their employees and subsidizing them for plan members.


Google vs. | Blog

There’s an app for that.


KidsMD Brings Healthcare to the Echo | Blog

They’ve opened up their API, offered a $100 Million fund to support developers, made a simple backdoor way to create your own commands, and created a spin off device that allows for their AI Alexa to be in more of your rooms.


Achieving Insight-Driven Care: Rely on Data and Behavioral Science to Unlock Real Change | In The Media

Michelle Keefe, President of Commercial Solutions at Syneos Health, elaborates in this Applied Clinical Trials article.


The Endless Opportunities of Personal Assistant Programs | Blog

When we’re in a crisis one of the first things we turn to is our cell phone.


Patient Advocacy Transparency Act and the Growing Call for Disclosure | Blog

As anticipated, on June 6, 2018, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) introduced the Patient Advocacy Transparency Act.


Why Transparency Is Trendy…and Maybe Life-Saving, Too | Blog

While the industry is getting plenty of flak for the inaccessibility of high-cost drugs, there’s another issue at hand that doesn’t have anything to do with drug scarcity: increasing cases of prescription drug misuse and abuse


Pharma Creating Startups for Innovation | Blog

Genentech is a company we’ve covered quite a few times for their innovative experiences and general attitude toward healthcare.


eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2018—Staring with Trust? | Blog

Paul Simms—Chairman of eyeforpharma—started with 2 opposing ideas on trust from Big Pharma leaders.


The Latest Healthcare Power Couple | Blog

With every type of tracking device under the sun at our disposal, the real question has become, what are we to do with this agglomeration of endless data?


Timing Is Vital! | Blog

As Content Marketing World‘s recap of recaps passed through my LinkedIn news feed, I decided to share my own perspective on what we learned at the conference.


The FDA's Newest Unit Looks Beyond Food and Drugs... | Blog

In a recent Wired article, Bakul Patel shared a glimpse into the new team he’s building within the FDA—completely focused on new developments in digital.


Refill my Pill | Blog

“There’s an app for that” has become common place these days.


Apparently, Yes. | Blog

Have you ever watched how people interact with touchscreens at a tradeshow booth?


Are Wearables Wearing Thin? | Blog

From Apple to Nike, Fitbit to Google Glass, wearable devices are becoming a power player and are gaining popularity.


What Nutrition Professionals Are Cooking Up: A FNCE Recap | Blog

In October, I attended the 2018 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Washington, DC.