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A New Opioid Dependency Screening App For HCPs | Blog

Each day, it is estimated more than 115 people in the US die from an opioid overdose.


Three Useful Healthcare Apps You Should Know | Blog

Our previous articles covered the definition of mobile medical apps and three examples of FDA-approved apps.


How New Apps Save Lives | Blog

Among all the healthcare app choices out there, do some actually have the potential to save someone’s life?


Doximity: Doctors Prefer iOS Over Android | Blog

Apple is specifically targeting the healthcare industry with the launch of their new Apple Watch along with their Healthkit framework to track and store your health data.


Uber Augmenting Uber Health as Rideshare Giant Goes Public | Blog

As it prepares to go public, Uber, which expects to sell an eye-popping $10 billion of stock during its initial public offering, is simultaneously mapping out its continued expansion into health care.


The Week That Was: You’ve GOAT to be kidding me | Blog

To better understand the trend, we explore one of the biggest players in digital health – Apple.


Two News Stories That Should Terrify Every Parent | Blog

Recent headlines amplify anxiety among parents, but behavioral science provides tools to short-circuit these traps.


Creating a HIPAA Compliant App Just Got Easier | Blog

Palo Alto, California —Connecting doctors and patients using technology is no easy task.


Multichannel in Healthcare: First Service, Then Channel | Blog

Britain’s conservative NHS cooperates with dating app Tinder, whilst big pharmaceutical companies cooperate with Google or Apple.


Infographic: Are we witnessing the death of pharma apps? | Blog

The German app company, SmartPatient, who developed the health app MyTherapy for iOS and Android, conducted deep research into pharma mobile application usage and content.


Mixed App Adoption Rates Among Caregivers | Blog

New research from Parks Associates reveals some interesting information about the usage of care-related apps in the caregiver population.


Why Mental Health Professionals Want Patient Apps | Blog

A recent study of mental health clinicians shows that 73% would find mobile apps useful in their practice1.


Regulatory Rigamarole | Blog

Happy Monday!


FDA Balancing Act | Blog

Young startups and large corporations are both facing substantial obstacles in the field of mobile health apps, or mHealth apps.


Mental Health, Accessibility, and Appropriate Care | Blog

It’s become more and more apparent that the need for comprehensive mental healthcare has exploded.


Approved Birth Control With Just An App? | Blog

Natural Cycles is a phone app that algorithmically monitors female fertility.


How an app + marketing changed cancer care | Blog

It’s a perfect highlight of what it really takes to earn app adoption: support that goes way beyond the download.


How an App Raised Adherence by 54% | Blog

HealthPrize is an adherence app that leverages gaming dynamics to keep users engaged.


Verizon Wants to Connect You To Your Doctor | Blog

With Google, Apple and a slew of other tech companies looking to participate in the health space, Verizon is jumping aboard with their new telemedicine platform “Verizon Virtual Visits”.


Your Smartphone Camera Could Be Able to Detect Diabetes | Blog

Understanding a consumer need for easier access to healthcare, researchers from the University of California in San Francisco are using data from a recent study to explore a new smartphone app that can provide a diagnosis without a trip to the doctor.


A La Carte Genomics | Blog

Apparently my television viewing patterns have put me squarely in the path of DNA Ancestry‘s media buy, and the prospect of learning more about my background and genetic ethnicity is very compelling.


New Fitbit & Google Partnership to Improve Patient Outcomes | Blog

Dating back to 1788, wearables have been around helping individuals, even at their most basic, track our steps to help us better keep track of exercise.


Hold the Gravy, Pass the Beta Blockers? | Blog

The Week That Was team is making our grocery list and checking Black Friday sales, eager to try a new turkey brine and score some electronics deals.


Apps Providing Increased Access to Birth Control | Blog

A growing number of apps and online services are now providing women with much easier access to birth control prescriptions, and are quietly gaining popularity.


Therapeutic App from Sanofi to Treat Mental Illness in MS Patients | Blog

Recognizing that the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) goes beyond the conventionally recognized symptoms, Sanofi has announced a new app to support people with the disease—specifically, their mental health.


A Healthcare App That's Downright Snuggly | Blog

Ok, maybe Huggable is more than an app.


Medical Innovation is Hiding Everywhere | Blog

From sitting beneath an apple tree to stepping into a bathtub, some of history’s greatest breakthroughs have occurred in the oddest places.


The Week That Was: Re-Wear Your Happy Hat | Blog

Missed BIO 2019?


What Nostalgic Toy is Google Playing With? | Blog

Apps and devices are being created for entirely new niches that have historically been considered (or not considered at all) laggards in the realm of technology adoption.


Our Halloween issue with much ghoul, few goodies | Blog

Let’s take stock of last week’s sweets, scary stuff, as well as the inevitable sour apple just in case you missed them.