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The FDA's Health & Medical App Enforcer = Apple App Store | Blog

Apple recently released a new detailed list of guidelines when it comes to developing health and medical apps that are helping the FDA enforce guidelines already in place.


Apple CareKit Apps are Live | Blog

Great news for developers, patients, and healthcare professionals: Apple’s CareKit modules are officially up and ready for use on GitHub, and three apps that utilize the CareKit platform are available for download.


The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care? | Blog

The secret power of innovations: The Apple-CareKit: A revolution in health care?


An Apple A Day To Monitor Glucose | Blog

Apple is using the Apple Watch within a secret group of biomedical engineers at Apple to revolutionize the way we monitor blood glucose levels: without a pin prick.


GSK Takes the First Dive Into Apple's ResearchKit | Blog

GSK has announced the launch of a new research app that will leverage Apple’s open sourced ResearchKit platform to monitor patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


Apple Health Records Integrates with Allscripts EHR Suites | Blog

From tracking steps to monitoring your list of medications, Apple’s Health app has been one of the most well-known health trackers on the market.


HIPAA Compliant Data from the Apple Watch | Blog

Over the past couple months I’ve been lucky enough to give the Apple Watch a trial run.


Apple's CareKit Announced | Blog

Apple’s Carekit was announced yesterday at their annual “Loop You In” event.


Aetna and Apple Partner to Embed Wearables in Healthcare | Blog

Last week, Aetna announced that it is pioneering a unique initiative – the health insurance giant will be the first in its industry to help subsidize the cost of an Apple Watch for some of its members.


With Apple Watches, Johnson & Johnson to Hold Completely Virtual Clinical Trial | Blog

With plans to enroll as many as 150,000 American senior citizens, Johnson & Johnson is collaborating with Apple on HEARTLINE, a revolutionary new study to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a potentially lethal condition that can lead to heart palpitations and stroke.


Who's Getting Pharma Apps Right? | Blog

Why is it that pharma apps don’t get the same downloads and usage as apps from other industries?


Apple Doubles Down on Health in Recent Weeks | Blog

From new hires to emerging partnerships, Apple's recent actions reveal increased focus on revolutionizing healthcare


5 New Apple Watch Facts and Features for Healthcare | Blog

Last Friday, Apple released its redesigned Watch, and there’s a lot more to catch the eye of our industry than just a 30% larger display.


Zappos and ZDogg reimagine primary care in Vegas | Blog

When he founded Zappos, he fought back the expected drudgery of call-center work with a quirky, first-of-its-kind corporate culture that earned enthusiastic employees.


Apple Watch Accessory Receives FDA Approval | Blog

The FDA approved the first ever watch accessory, an Apple watch band that not only reads your EKG, but will communicate with your physician if results are abnormal.


The Medical Research Revolution | Blog

March’s Apple Live event generated some intriguing buzz around the coveted Apple Watch, along with some innovative updates to Apple’s existing product line.


Will Your Doctor's Next Prescription Be an App? | Blog

Today’s best health apps have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple medication reminders and symptom trackers.


Are Apps the Answer to Better Health Outcomes? | Blog

Mobile healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way people approach their health... but are they the be all end all?


Is that a Tracker or a Screener? | Blog

Cardiogram, an apple watch app that monitors heart rate, has been shown to be able to predict atrial fibrillation (afib) with 97 percent accuracy.


How Reliable are Mobile Medical Apps? | Blog

Are you using a mobile app to track a health condition, get medical advice, or simply to stay in shape?


Distress Signal | Blog

The Israel-based startup’s app, Diabetes Helpers, was an interesting example of how share-economy principles (think peer-to-peer and collaborative like Airbnb or TaskRabbit) could be applied to chronic disease.


Weather Apps, who wins? | Blog

Guessing the number one category of apps used on tablets is a pretty easy one: games.


So, a Patient Walks into a Bar… | Blog

Apple pioneered it in their stores as a station where customers could belly-up and ask genius ‘bartenders’ questions about devices, apps, and also get their hands on new technology.


Patients Who Use New PreHab App Spend Less Time in Hospital | Blog

Digital health company Peerwell created an app to prepare patients for surgery and, in turn, reduce the amount of time they spend in the hospital.


Two Innovations: New Data for the Quantified Self | Blog

I haven’t put any data into my Apple Health app.


Facebook, A Healthcare Community? | Blog

With the launch of Apple’s Healthkit, mobile app developers are quickly integrating their technologies with the iOS upgrade.


Your Wallet Just Became Thinner | Blog

When I watched the Apple Keynote last week, it wasn’t the highly media-hyped Apple Watch, but the Apple Pay feature, that caught my attention.


Prescribed Apps: Can a Curated App Store Create a New Norm? | Blog

Consider this scenario: along with a new Rx, the doctor prescribes a companion app to the patient.


Three Innovative Mobile Medical Apps | Blog

Now that we have a better understanding on how medical device apps differ from wellness apps, we wondered – What are other innovative medical apps?


Siri Named Principal Investigator on Three Groundbreaking Studies (Okay, Okay, Only Kind of) | Blog

The revolutionary look and feel of many modern clinical trials are exemplified by three new studies from a very powerful sponsor: Apple.

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