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Exclusive Report: Engaging The Worried Well | Blog

We are thrilled to share with you the second part of our two-part series on millennials.


What Patient Advocacy Groups Want | Blog

New York, NY.


The Great Generational Divide | Blog

The 2015 Makovsky survey “Pulse of Online Health,” reveals willingness amongst Americans to share health data and leverage new technology in order to better their own health.


Prescribed Apps: Can a Curated App Store Create a New Norm? | Blog

Consider this scenario: along with a new Rx, the doctor prescribes a companion app to the patient.


The Dynamic Tech Trio Changing Gaming | Blog

With the Oculus Rift on the brink of consumer release (Q1 2016), the innovation team was eager to hear more about the latest breakthroughs that had yet to be announced.


Salesforce's (Official) Expansion into Healthcare | Blog

The CRM giant, Salesforce, has unveiled a cloud-based platform that is tailored specifically for healthcare providers and patient data.


Want To Promote Understanding? | Blog

I’m kind of a fan of Gary Shteyngart.


Google Search Ad Updates and the Implications for Pharma Brands | Blog

Google is making significant changes to their paid advertising that stands to greatly impact pharmaceutical paid search campaigns.


Teach-back: How A Group of Nurse Educators is Getting Through | Blog

“Tell me what you heard”.


Creating a VR Experience? | Blog

In creating any experience, there’s an element of storytelling.


Patients Getting More Access | Blog

Patient engagement has been a common theme in our trend reports.


Do They Need an Invitation? | Blog

Have you ever watched how people interact with touchscreens at a tradeshow booth?


It's the Little Cheats That Derail Us | Blog

When it comes to food, our stomachs may know very well when they’re full, but the brain has veto power.


A Healthcare App That's Downright Snuggly | Blog

Ok, maybe Huggable is more than an app.


The Latino Demographic: Considerations for Pharma Marketers | Blog

(Latinos currently make up 17% of the total population, and is expected to increase to almost 30% by 2050. – Pew) In a recent Forbes article, Nicole Fisher highlights 5 Reasons that Latinos Could Be The Most Powerful Transformation Of The U.S.


Your patient may also like… | Blog

Predictive analytics.


Tech for Seniors: Emergency Response | Blog

My parents are nearing 70.


The Empowered Patient Experience of Tomorrow | Blog

The healthcare startup, Grand Rounds, pairs patients with identified healthcare experts that are uniquely qualified to provide them the care they need.


Health Insurance and Innovation: No Longer Mutually Exclusive | Blog

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard of the health insurance startup called Oscar Health (especially if you are a NYC subway frequenter).


The Growing Shift: Going Beyond Traditional Visits | Blog

As the expectations of our modern patient (both young and old) continue to change, the market is being forced to make adaptations.


DPE15: AZhelps Celebrates 6 Years on Twitter | Blog

AstraZeneca has been investing in supporting people via social media for 6 years.


Disappearing Technology | Blog

Disappearing Technology is a trend that, if done well, you won’t even notice.


Half of All Drug Spending Will Be At Specialty Pharmacies | Blog

The next big shift in healthcare experience may be happening at the pharmacy – but not a pharmacy you’ll ever see in person.


Three Useful Healthcare Apps You Should Know | Blog

To sum up our explanation of medical vs. general health apps, we found it beneficial to add one more post to the series.


Brands Taking Notice of the Power of Instagram | Blog

Working in a company that puts “speaking people” a priority makes you pay special attention to ways that people and brands are relating to each other.


DPE15: Merck Workshop Uncovers Innovation Opportunities | Blog

Fabrizio Caranci, Director of Channel Innovation at Merck, started out with this super fact from John Chambers, CEO at Cisco: by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet.


DPE15: Bridging the Exam Room With Living Room | Blog

Sharecare and Trinity Health are creating solutions at an interesting point in the history in health care.


The Social Oncology Report: ASCO and Beyond | Blog

MDigitalLife (a division of the W20 Group) recently conducted an examination of specific cancer communities online.


Eli Lilly to Open New Innovation Center | Blog

Eli Lilly plans to open a drug delivery and innovation center in Kendall Square, Massachusetts.


Is The Top Creativity In Health Competing at Lions Health? | Blog

Are healthcare creativity awards second-class citizens to other creativity awards?