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Vision 2020: Preparing for the Future of Medical Communications | Blog

My name is Wendy Balter and as the President of Cadent Medical Communications, I wanted to create a blog series where I can post ideas, observations, links, and insights for you on a regular basis.


Vision 2020: What Happens When Medical Providers are Millennials? | Blog

In the coming decade, many if not most medical practitioners patients see will be Millennials, people born between the years 1981 and 1998.


Vision 2020: Kindness is Golden | Blog

My secondary school alma mater, Hastings High School, recently asked me to be the keynote speaker at their upcoming commencement ceremony this June.


Vision 2020: The Costs of Discontinuity | Blog

One of the most powerful ideas to emerge in recent years is continuity of care in medicine.


Vision 2020: The maturity of digital | Blog

I had a bit of an epiphany recently when I realized that digital communications, like many of the people who work in our field, is a Millennial and, like other Millennials, is now in its adulthood.


Vision 2020: Why I work in the pharmaceutical industry | Blog

Many people work in industries that produce everyday conveniences—cars, entertainment devices, home appliances, and the like—but I’m lucky to work in one that routinely produces miracles.


June 2018: Vision 2020 - The Orphan Drug Forecast | Newsletters

For some 30 million Americans living with one of 7,000 known rare diseases, there has never been a more hopeful era.


Executive Summary - Vision 2020: The Orphan Drug Forecast | Perspectives

Key Factors Shaping the U.S.


Vision 2020: Warm culture means healthy growth | Blog

It’s been mighty cold lately, hasn’t it?


Vision 2020: Context sensitivity, EHRs, and teachable moments | Blog

“Teachable moments,” education experts tell us, are events in which reality stares us in the face and ignorance is no longer an option.


Vision 2020: Like A Fine Wine, We Get Better | Blog

An interesting Business Insider article from this past November points out that many important communication and management skills continue to grow throughout our lives, often peaking well beyond age 50.


Israel Awards Grant to Integrate Medical Imaging A.I. | Blog

The Innovation Authority, the arm of the Israeli government responsible for advancing industrial R&D throughout the country, has given a multi-million-dollar grant to Zebra Medical Vision, a digital health startup.


BIO International 2018 | Perspectives

We’ve pulled together for you all our best thinking from our Reputation & Risk Management team - comprised of healthcare communicators, policy-shapers and crisis response specialists.


The Week That Was: To Infinity and Beyond | Blog

80% of voters support importing drugs from Canada and politicians on both sides of the aisle agree.