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A busy week in Washington | Blog

So, a lot happened in Washington this week… which we won’t be commenting on!


Question of the Week: Who’s Responsible for Addiction? | Blog

Read this and more in this week's TWTW!


The Week That Was: Dude, where’s my paycheck? | Blog

Take a look at the latest insights in this week’s issue of The Week That Was.


The Week That Was: Crises in Communications | Blog

No matter whether you were the lone staffer in your office or relaxing on a beach somewhere this past week, we’ve got the run down on the latest healthcare headlines—the good, the bad and the ugly—to help you get you back up to speed.


The Week That Was: ... | Blog

It’s all in the latest edition of The Week that Was.


Read on for more in The Week That Was. | Blog

It was another intense week in healthcare headlines.


The Week That Was: You’ve GOAT to be kidding me | Blog

Everyone seems to be talking about digital health, but what does that really look like in action?


The Week That Was: "I don't know" x 600 | Blog

Climate change is named a top 10 health threat and we’ve broken down the conundrum for pharma companies regarding activating on the issue.


The Week That Was: Ready, Set, Bird Box Challenge | Blog

In case you haven’t heard, it’s the New Year.


The Week That Was: No one likes a bad kiss | Blog

Drug makers aren’t the only ones under pressure for high costs.


The Week That Was: Opioid Pledges Get Renewed Coverage | Blog

Our team kept an eye on a number of stories about opioid “pledges,” top-line data communications and, as always, drug pricing.


(Yeah, Weird Week) | Blog

Good morning, readers!


This Week’s Healthcare “Breakdown” (channeling Tom Petty) | Blog

President Trump and HHS Secretary Azar gave a slightly delayed, much anticipated speech on the Administration’s Blueprint to lower drug prices.


Infographic: Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 11-17) | Blog

The prevalence of these life threatening conditions is increasing and medical scientists can’t seem to figure out why.


Apple Doubles Down on Health in Recent Weeks | Blog

From new hires to emerging partnerships, Apple's recent actions reveal increased focus on revolutionizing healthcare


Big (Baby) Blue Enhances Health Benefits for Parents | Blog

Last week, Big Blue extended its maternity leave from 14 weeks of paid time off to up to 20 weeks.


What Martin Shkreli | Blog

Last week was the equivalent of editorial catnip for our team.


Medicine’s #MeToo Moment | Blog

What a week!


Petitions, Principles and Privacy, A Focus on Consumer Affairs | Blog

We’ve got a busy week behind us and another underway so let’s get to it.


Hazy, Not So Lazy, Days | Blog

Dive into the dog days with us in this edition of The Week That Was…


Our Halloween issue with much ghoul, few goodies | Blog

Let’s take stock of last week’s sweets, scary stuff, as well as the inevitable sour apple just in case you missed them.


Olympic Gold, Pricing Pressure & Alzheimer Treatments | Blog

Spent last week watching Shaun White win his third gold medal?


Bring on the Sunshine | Blog

Last week, we witnessed biotech billionaires get charged with fraud for misleading investors and watched Memorial


Hold the Gravy, Pass the Beta Blockers? | Blog

Before we fade into a tryptophan-induced slumber, let’s review some of the big announcements from last week.


FDA Lost That Lovin’ Feeling | Blog

The FDA lost its lovin’ feeling this week and we kept busy evaluating Louisiana’s new drug pricing proposal and watching not one, but two, Congressional hearings covering both Right to Try and the national opioid epidemic.


Docked bonuses, pain peddlers, march-ins, all “Trumped” by possible POTUS price policy? | Blog

It’s Monday, we’re caffeinated and its one week away from Mother’s Day (you’re welcome).


The Heat Is On... | Blog

Last week’s headlines were nearly as extreme.


Betting, Biohacking & BYOD | Blog

CEO’s were making headlines last week for a host of reasons.


New Ads for New Era | Blog

This week, two of the world’s biggest digital players started unveiling new ad units and approaches designed for how we use digital tools right now.


We’ve Got Stamina | Blog

FDA had another busy week: recalling Ritz crackers & goldfish, committing to create a modernized definition of what is a “dairy product,” approving new magnetic systems to prevent breast cancer patients from being exposed to excessive radioactive materials during biopsies.