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Social Media + Measurable KPI's | Blog

The main screen at the Lions Health Festival at Cannes showed the newest player in the fast-changing world of social media healthcare communications: social media interactions with measurable KPIs.


Shining Light on Clinical Trial Recruitment with Social Media | In The Media

Chris Iafolla, Head of Digital and Social Strategy for Syneos Health Communications shares insights on recruiting patients into clinical trials via social media.


New Study Officially Links Social Media Usage with Depression | Blog

In recent years, many have questioned social media’s impact on mental health, but a recent study conducted by psychologists at UPenn stands as the first to establish a causal relationship between social media usage and decreased well-being.


Social Media’s Eroding Trust Hits Healthcare Companies | In The Media

The pharmaceutical and biotech world has a reputation problem, and the practice of using social media to engender trust among stakeholders has been beset by its own recent challenges, as those social channels too have now fallen under public scrutiny.


Harnessing Social Media to Reach Today’s Social Media-savvy Rare Disease Patient and Caregiver | In The Media

Marie Emms, Rowena Kam, and Michael Pearlman of Syneos Health discuss how social media can be used by patients with rare diseases and by those who recruit for rare disease clinical trials.


To Pause or Not to Pause: Social Media Management During Breaking News | Blog

There’s no hard-and-fast formula for how to react (or not react) on social media when a crisis or issue arises.


Pharma Comms Should Forget Its Social Media Fomo and Realize That They’re the Gold Standard | In The Media

You’re not missing out in your use of social media in pharma comms, says Duncan Arbour, our SVP Innovation, Europe.


Social Media for In-Person Events | Blog

As many of us are in the throws of planning and executing trade shows in the coming months, I thought this study from Freeman XP might come in handy.


Social Media, Value and the Future of Healthcare Communications | In The Media

Julian Suchman, Digital & Social Strategy, inVentiv Health PR, takes a closer look at the new communication priorities required to thrive in the new value landscape.


Achieving Social Media Success: How Other Pharma Brands are Doing It | Blog

In this session of efp Barcelona 2020, two of the biggest names in pharma, MSD and Roche, shared their own unique digital experiences in hopes of teaching and inspiring others.


Live from Lions Health: Reputation, innovation, big data and a whole lot of gossip | In The Media

FiercePharma recapped the social media buzz and highlights from Cannes Lions Health this past weekend, including inVentiv Health Communications' presentation on social centricity.


How Long Does It Take to Go from ‘like’ to ‘Hate’? | In The Media

Duncan Arbour, SVP Innovation, Syneos Health Communications Europe, shares his thoughts on social media regulation and says that pharma’s ‘move slowly and take care’ approach to social media may not have been such a bad thing after all.


The Hero’s Journey Art Project: Using Social Media to Raise Awareness of Clinical Research – A Year Later Account | Blog

The overlooked heroes in healthcare are often clinical trial participants.


DPE15: Strategy Behind the Kim Kardashian Post | Blog

It’s not often that a social media strategy idea really goes viral – let alone gets 752 million social impressions, tens of thousands of interactions, international media coverage and a letter from the FDA.


The Changing Face of Social Media Marketing | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Chris Iafolla, Head of Digital & Social Strategy at Syneos Health Communications, comments on the usage of chatbot technology in the pharmaceutical industry.


Social Media Influencers - Patients As Promoters | Blog

Earlier this year, Wego Health launched a new platform that connects patients with healthcare entities with one goal: connect the patient’s experience with said entity to the patient’s social networks.


Why Your Next Social Shift Should Be Slideshare | Blog

42% of online adults use multiple social media sites and those who choose only 1, typically use Facebook according to Pew Research.


Social Rx Risk Retention - FDA Study | Blog

In 2014, the FDA mandated that a prescription drug’s benefit and risk information had to appear in its entirety when promoting via social media channels.


Tap into HCPs on TikTok for Your Next Awareness Campaign | Blog

As a social media millennial at Syneos Health™, connecting the world of TikTok—one of the hottest social media channels today—and healthcare was a challenge I couldn’t pass up.


Snapchat: We’re the Best Social Platform for Pharma Ads | Blog

Deploying ambassadors to speak at the marketing conference DigiPharma Connect, Snapchat is vying to position itself as the best social media outlet for pharma marketing.


A Tweet We Can All Learn From | Blog

At this point, if you utilize any of the popular social media platforms, you are fully aware of the ‘tweet heard around the world’, the response from the maker of Ambien, Sanofi, and the public’s response.


Case Study: Leveraging Patient Opinion Leaders and Social Media to Improve Disease Management | Blog

Patient “opinion leaders” or “thought leaders” are often leveraged as an amplifier of messages around a specific indication on behalf of pharma companies.


Your Next Social Post Could Result in an Instadiagnosis | Blog

A new study by a graduate student with the Harvard University psychology department reports that social media posts can provide clues as to whether or not a user is likely to suffer from depression.


As Moods Shift Around COVID, Pharma Makes New Social Plans | Blog

One major development is the drop in number of social-media conversations about coronavirus.


Always Be Listening: How to Evolve Your Facebook Page by Listening to the Community | Blog

As pharma becomes more and more ingrained in social media, it’s critical to know how and where to listen to the community that you are engaging with and to understand that this is an ongoing, individualized process.


Key Questions About Social Media in 2019 | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Julian Suchman, Digital Strategist at Syneos Health, talks about why Facebook remains an effective channel for pharma marketers in 2019.



Social media offers incredible power to engage stakeholders, but also gives exposure to those who don’t agree with you or seek change.


The Untapped Patient Recruiting Tool in the Age of the Informed Patient: Forums | In The Media

Patients are moving away from social media and seeking information on channels not typically associated with patient recruitment – forums.


Pharma Tweets Up by 530% in 2014 | Blog

Ogilvy recently released a report on pharma’s use of social media in 2014: Connecting the Dots.


The #1 Thing We Do Online? | Blog

Social media is now the #1 thing we do online.