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Facebook: New functionality and policies for pharma | Blog

Allergan joined Facebook to talk about how they're leveraging that platform to connect with and actively support patients.


Rating System for Facebook Brand Pages | Blog

Lately, Facebook has been working on multiple fronts to increase the level of users’ engagement on the platform, since the reach and engagement has been dropping as a result of another alteration to their algorithm.


New Facebook Groups to Provide Disease-Specific Medical Support | Blog

Health care was a central part of the discussion at this year’s Facebook F8.


Facebook to Launch Snap-Chat Like Application | Blog

Facebook has certainly taken this saying to heart and has been testing Snapchat-like updates that allow users to share photos and videos instantly with their friends.


Welcome to Facebook, Home of the Zuckerberg. | Blog

Facebook is hoping that free coffee and privacy check-ins will convince users that it’s prioritizing their data, once again.


Facebook's Answer to Fake News Starts to Take Shape | Blog

his month, Facebook has started to roll out features designed to help impact the spread of fake news.


Facebook, A Healthcare Community? | Blog

With the launch of Apple’s Healthkit, mobile app developers are quickly integrating their technologies with the iOS upgrade.


Facebook Says Don’t Worry About Privacy as it Unveils Digital Health Support Program | Blog

Facebook is launching Preventive Health, a program designed to make its feed-scrollers the world over more health-conscious, especially when it comes to cancer, heart disease, and the flu.


Facebook's Chatbot Game Changer | Blog

There’s a new kid in town, and every messenger app wants to be their friend.


Worth a Like: UCB Leads on Facebook | Blog

If you’ve ever talked about pharma marketing with me, you know I’m a big fan of the work UCB has done to support and advocate for patients.


The Importance of Transparency | Blog

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent 2 long days in front of Congress answering questions from a joint hearing of the U.S.


Always Be Listening: How to Evolve Your Facebook Page by Listening to the Community | Blog

As pharma becomes more and more ingrained in social media, it’s critical to know how and where to listen to the community that you are engaging with and to understand that this is an ongoing, individualized process.


Key Questions About Social Media in 2019 | In The Media

In this PM360 article, Julian Suchman, Digital Strategist at Syneos Health, talks about why Facebook remains an effective channel for pharma marketers in 2019.


AI Saves Lives | Blog

Facebook recently made news by expanding its suicide prevention efforts to include AI-powered intervention.


Lack of Treatment Options = Lack of Awareness in Osteoporosis | Blog

According to Radius Health, that is a Fractured Truth and they are armed to raise osteoporosis awareness in women in their 50s and 60s with their new unbranded Facebook campaign.


Why Your Next Social Shift Should Be Slideshare | Blog

42% of online adults use multiple social media sites and those who choose only 1, typically use Facebook according to Pew Research.


The #1 Thing We Do Online? | Blog

You also may not be surprised to know that now nearly half of all 55-65 yrs old are now on Facebook.


Tech for Seniors: Emergency Response | Blog

My mom’s on facebook more than I am and my dad’s always quick with a text response.


Ice Helps Discover New Gene Linked to ALS | Blog

Thanks to 1.2 million videos posted and 15 million Facebook interactions resulting in $121 million dollars raised, researchers from UMass Medical School announced this week they discovered a new gene linked to ALS, NEK1, and could potentially lead to new drug therapies.


Video games: addiction or cure? | Blog

The FDA may get a new name; Facebook is redirecting users searching for opioids and the WHO has us wondering if our Candy Crush obsession is unhealthy.


Fake Drug Ads - Can You Spot The Difference? | Blog

From claims that Facebook’s algorithm is pushing fake news into people’s news feeds to people pushing headlines without taking the time to legitimize the source and/or the truth.


Unconscious bias starts early in medicine | Blog

The topic of unconscious bias has been a big one this year, thanks in part to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s high profile book and media tour encouraging women to “lean in” at work.


New Ads for New Era | Blog

This week, two of the world’s biggest digital players started unveiling new ad units and approaches designed for how we use digital tools right now.


Your Pharma Brand’s Website Is Probably Not Compliant | Blog

You’re a pharma brand sitting in between your two biggest competitors.


Is Messaging the Next UI? | Blog

As a designer I tend to spend quite a bit of time on sites like Dribbble and ProductHunt looking for the next trend in design, and often losing track of time going down some rabbit hole on the internet in search of who created what and why.


P2P Networks Huge for COVID-19 Patients, Responders | Blog

Best practices for avoiding the novel corona virus are fairly well publicized, but for people who have contracted COVID-19 guidance can be harder to come by.


Behind the Scenes: The Research Questions That Led to Our Plenary Presentation | Blog

If you’ve been following our recaps from Digital Pharma East, you know that the Syneos Health Digital & Social Strategy team presented original research on recruiting patients for clinical trials at a plenary session.


Showing Science In 8 Social-Ready Rules | Blog

Grey’s Jason Kahner brought one of his heroes to the stage to kick off the second day of Lions Health.


Making a Spectacle of Surgery and Keeping Conversation Live | Blog

Things are changing… fast.


Snapchat: We’re the Best Social Platform for Pharma Ads | Blog

Deploying ambassadors to speak at the marketing conference DigiPharma Connect, Snapchat is vying to position itself as the best social media outlet for pharma marketing.