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Syneos Health’s Baba Shetty Explores DTx with Its Pioneers | Blog

At this year’s Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase (part of Biotech Showcase), a panel of digital therapeutics (DTx) experts illuminated the status and future of their work, moderated by Syneos Health Commercial Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Baba Shetty.


Executive Summary: How Digital Therapeutics Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

What healthcare stakeholders should think about when it comes to DTx partnerships and how DTx developers can satisfy diverse stakeholder needs.


Digital Therapeutics at the Crossroads | Perspectives

Payer perspectives on reimbursement hurdles can help DTx companies map the journey to real-world utilization and market success.


Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase: What Does a Clinical Trial Look Like for Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

Digital therapeutics, or DTx, are distinct from digital health products, and are driven by software programs that can be prescribed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease, as stated by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.


Digital Medicine and MedTech Showcase: What’s Blocking the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics? | Blog

With there being so many different stakeholders, including patients, providers and payers, panelists at the 2019 Digital Medicine & MedTech Showcase pointed to a number of different adoption roadblocks—and successes.


Paving the Way | Perspectives

Is Europe catching up (or pioneering the way) in digital therapeutics?


Therapeutic App from Sanofi to Treat Mental Illness in MS Patients | Blog

Recognizing that the impact of multiple sclerosis (MS) goes beyond the conventionally recognized symptoms, Sanofi has announced a new app to support people with the disease—specifically, their mental health.


A Future Look at Trends and Opportunities in Diabetes Management | Blog

There are three potential solutions for pharma, device, or DTx marketers to consider based on trends we’ll see in the year ahead.


How DTx Developers Can Satisfy Diverse Stakeholder Needs | Perspectives

All signs point to a breakthrough year for digital therapeutics.


How the Pandemic Is Fueling a New Tech-Focused Diabetes Landscape | Blog

Diabetes is an epidemic with a devastating physical, emotional and financial toll on those it impacts.