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Becoming an Activist? | Blog

Activism is in… at least for brands.


Are Digital Footprints The Next Frontier in Predictive Diagnosis? | Blog

Recent research has been able to use Instagram photos to reveal predictive markers of depression.


Is Handheld Ultrasound the New Stethoscope? | Blog

Clarius is a startup that has recently received 501k clearance to market its handheld ultrasound device.


Are Customizable Applets The Future of Digital Medicine? | Blog

Domino’s has a history of leveraging digital technology to make pizza more exciting.


Is Marketing to Algorithms the Future of Medical Communications? | Blog

Artery is a medical imaging platform that has recently been approved to help doctors diagnose heart problems.


Real Patient Stories Help Ground Tomorrow's Doctors | Blog

Many doctors-to-be spend the first several years of medical school entrenched in rigorous academic activity, but miles away from any living, breathing patients.


Why We Need To Care For The Caregivers | Blog

We talk a lot about the rise individualized medicine― but that is really a misnomer.


Connecting People and Healthcare: The Inspiration of SXSW | Blog

Healthcare and people: both are capable of amazing things.


Unlocking Customers' Stories Hidden in Marketing Data | Blog

It’s 2017, and we’ve come to the point where the digital and physical worlds have become one.


Mixed Reality: A Shoppers Dream or Nightmare? | Blog

If you are in the U.S., you are probably reading this while standing in line with millions of others for the country’s ultimate day of consumerism – Black Friday.


Guerilla Empathy | Blog

Photo booths are a big deal in Berlin.


The Brain, Biohacking and the Pursuit of Perfection | Blog

Eric Matzner, sometimes referred to as the Brain Bro, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and self proclaimed biohacker.


Is Food Benefits Management the Future of Medicine? | Blog

Zipongo, a digital nutrition platform just raised $18 million to accelerate its mission to improve health outcomes through personalized dietary recommendations.


Snapchat Provides a Lens to Thinking Around the Pill | Blog

The internet is abuzz today with the announcement of Spectacles, a new wearable camera from Snap Inc.


Are Concepts the Key to Unlocking Innovation? | Blog

Concepts shape the way we see the world.


Making a Spectacle of Surgery and Keeping Conversation Live | Blog

Things are changing… fast.


Choice vs. | Blog

Making decisions is tough.


Smart Socks Predict Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients | Blog

Wearables have been all the rage over the past few years.


The People Side of Healthcare Innovation | Blog

Joe and I walked into a packed house– signs on the door read ‘full capacity’ and the only spots left were standing room in the back left corner.


Approved Birth Control With Just An App? | Blog

Tired of the pill?


Give to Get: Triggyr Uses Reciprocity to Build Point of Care Touchpoint | Blog

We’ve all been there: killing time on our smartphones while we sit in a physician’s waiting room.


Behavior Change: When Mapping the Patient Journey Isn't Enough | Blog

Behavioral economics research is identifying new drivers for how we make healthcare decisions.


Is Predictive Analytics Pharma's Answer to the ‘Lean Startup' Method? | Blog

The ‘Lean Startup’ method is in… and not just for Silicon Valley.


The Rise of the Contract Doctor Points to New Opportunities for Engagement | Blog

The gig economy isn't just for Uber—doctors are increasingly taking contract roles as providers fill the gap left by retiring HCPs and physician shortages.


Can Storytelling Help Patients Battle Cancer? | Blog

Stories are powerful.


Just Get Better Healthcare Inspired by Amazon Go | Blog

Oh the grocery store checkout line… where dreams go to die.


SXSW 2017 Download: What Does it Mean for Healthcare? | Blog

2017 marked the 30th year of SXSW.


An Emerging Model of Care | Blog

In November the U.K.