Biosector 2 (B2) is a global healthcare communications agency that helps clients harness their science and give it practical purpose by connecting it to societal priorities; this method ensures that it instantly becomes more meaningful and culturally relevant. Because they are fully immersed in the ever-changing marketplace, Biosector 2 is able to make a significant impact as treatment and health decisions are being made. 

Biosector 2 offers best-in-class communications strategies, digital and social media, issues management, stakeholder engagement, and analytics and measurement. Biosector 2 is known for motivating stakeholders with behavioral insights and groundbreaking (and award-winning) campaigns proven to create connections between customers and brands. 

By tapping the deep therapeutic and analytical insights of clinical and commercial colleagues worldwide, Biosector 2 generates programs that are distinctive, legendary and memorable.  

The act of looking beneath the surface allows Biosector 2 to uncover creative, measurable and impactful solutions. 


  • Advocacy and Professional Relations 
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment and Support 

  • Brand Development 

  • Issues and Risk Management 

  • Publication Strategy and Support 

  • Digital and Social Media Strategy 

  • Disease Awareness Campaigns 

  • Public Relations 

  • Product Approval and Launch

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New York City

200 Vesey Street

New York, NY 10281

(212) 845-5600


Shauna Keough, Managing Director

[email protected]