Almost two years ago, Bose, the company known for their impressive sound systems and audio equipment, opened up a health division. And like many other out-of-industry brands looking to break into healthcare, they had a goal of developing a novel way to connect with and empower consumers battling a critical healthcare issue while leveraging their expertise in what they know and do best. With more than 37.5 million adults who have trouble hearing without a hearing aid, Bose spotted the perfect opportunity that fit right into their niche. Known as the Bose Hearing Aid, the one-of-its-kind hearing support technology is making for a pretty impressive entrance into new territory for the brand.

“We thought we could make a significant impact in hearing . . . and sleep,” said John Roselli, general manager of Bose Health, at CB Insights Future of Health Conference in October.

The hearing aid is designed to let people with audio impairments take full control over the fit and program of the device without the need of assistance from their healthcare provider. Once placed in the ear canal, the hearing aid can be personalized wirelessly through Bose’s smartphone app. With options to customize settings, such as the amount of amplification and speech-in-noise levels, consumers will soon have a new hearing aid solution thanks to recent FDA authorization.

“Today’s marketing authorization provides certain patients with access to a new hearing aid that provides them with direct control over the fit and functionality of the device. The FDA is committed to ensuring that individuals with hearing loss have options for taking an active role in their health care,” said Malvina Eydelman, M.D., director of the Division of Ophthalmic and Ear, Nose and Throat Devices at the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in a press release.

The authorization follows the review of data from clinical trials involving 125 patients. The studies found that Bose’s hearing aids showed comparable results to those of professionally fitted devices. Not to mention that most participants generally preferred the hearing aid settings of Bose’s device over professionally selected settings.

Why This Matters – 

In today’s world, to be in healthcare, you don’t have to be borne from healthcare. Out-of-industry brands and thought leaders are increasingly redefining what health care can and should mean for consumers. Think of the last brainstorm you attended. Chances are these bold new entrances made for a compelling case study, created a new opportunity or even helped to develop the framework for a new way of thinking. Expect to see this trend on the rise in 2020 as more competitors find their way in to a once closed-off industry.

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Khye Tucker is an Innovation Strategist in Columbus, OH. With a passion for writing and a background in communications, Khye strives to bring brand stories to life through a fresh perspective, innovative thinking and creative storytelling.