It’s been mighty cold lately, hasn’t it?

But not inside Cadent.

In the laboratory, growth requires warmth (unless you’re growing crystals). Warm biological cultures grow faster than cold ones. There’s a management lesson in that.

We think warm culture helps grow medical education companies, too. For clients, warmth in our world means greater continuity among service teams, more ideational fertility, and a more welcoming experience overall. For our people, warmth means feeling secure and motivated by the feeling that the whole team is continually working to support each other’s individual success. Ruthless competition, zero-sum games, and cold logic may suit Wall Street well, but in the world of caring for human health we think it’s bad business.

Here are just a few of the ways we at Cadent keep our culture warm for you—and why.

  • We appreciate you. Medical education professionals are extraordinary in every sense of the word. It takes years of study to gain the necessary scientific background, and constant learning to stay current. Clients expect you to be savvy not just in their field (say, oncology), but in the specific sub-field (e.g., immuno-oncology) and medication category (e.g., CAR-T cell therapy). On top of that you’re an amazing communicator, flawless planner, strategic whiz, and fun to spend time with. Remarkable. Irreplaceable. So at Cadent we work hard to make you happy, comfortable, inspired by publicly acknowledging and appreciating the wonderful contributions you make. We give feedback supportively, never punitively. Not every agency can say that.
  • Pets permitted. Every day at Cadent is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, if you’re so inclined. Just as Google, Amazon, and Etsy do, we believe companion animals generally have a positive effect in the workplace. Several studies have shown positive effects on social support, task performance, and social interactions attributable to workplace canines. Physiological indicators of stress (heart rate, blood pressure) have shown reductions in some of these studies, along with mood improvements. (And the puppies are awfully cute.)
  • Have lunch on us. Hungry? Grab anything in the agency fridge. We keep it well stocked with goodies our staff and clients love. Nobody needs to step outside to slake a thirst or quell a hunger. And nobody has to pay a cent for it. Why? Because free lunch means you can work with fewer interruptions. Eat nutritiously. Get work accomplished by quitting time. And get home in time to relax, alone or with friends or family.

Is it feeling a bit chilly where you’re working now? We have several open positions right now. Come in out of the cold and take a look.

About the Author:

Wendy Balter is President of the Cadent Medical Communications agency specializing in the integration of multichannel planning, clinically driven scientific strategy and flawless execution of medical education programs.