BLOOMFIELD, Conn - In 2015 we showed you how Geico transformed the creative conversation in the insurance space. Since then Mayhem, Flo and a duck have all followed suit.

But how do you introduce a creative platform that will drive people to take control of their general health, preventative care and encourage them to get annual checkups, a misunderstood and often forgotten part of wellness. Enter Cigna.

In their new 30-second spot, which was created by McCann show, actors Alan Alda, Lisa Edelstein, Donald Faison, Noah Wyle and Mr. Dempsey tell viewers to "Go. Know. Take Control. And the results are huge. Here’s a look at the spot, the results and a few of the behind the scenes that demonstrate the impact of the campaign.

"We're using an innovative and creative platform to help people across America take advantage of preventive care, starting with a basic annual checkup. Lecturing, scolding and scaring people into taking action doesn't work," explained Stephen Cassell, Cigna's global branding officer. "Cigna is taking a light-hearted approach to show how simple, easy and quick a basic checkup can be. We want to demonstrate that it is not only necessary, but also maybe a little bit fun."

UnitedHealthcare Also uses a fun and light-hearted approach to talk about complex healthcare issues.

Burgers, buns, and a little hotdogging. What could possibly go wrong?

Dancing is one way into the complex health care system.

The lessons for pharma

  1. Creative can change heavily regulated environments. No more metaphors and couples walking on the beach. Changing the conversation and behavior starts with changing our own.
  2. Consistency wins. Geico, Cigna and United did something most pharma brands don’t: they committed to a position and stuck with it through campaign after campaign.
  3. Pull through is key to gaining lift. Budgets are tighter than ever so agencies need to bring clients connected campaigns that are measurable and rooted in an innovative approach.

About the Author:

As VP Director of Innovation for Syneos Health Communications, Dennis blends creative expertise with strategic thinking to bring to life innovative ideas. Dennis partners directly with internal Syneos Health Communications teams as well as external business partners to understand specific strategies and challenges; design, develop and deliver relevant innovation engagements; and fuel work with a stream of inspiration. With more than 20 years of experience at GSW Advertising Dennis has led creative campaigns for a wide number of pharmaceutical brands in therapeutic categories including: infectious disease, critical care, women's health, oncology, metabolic disorders and medical devices. As a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) Dennis also continues creating work as an accomplished fine artist and photographer.