Ludington, Mich. - Regardless of the reason, an appointment to the doctor typically causes a certain amount stress and

anxiety for most. One must not only keep their nerves at bay, but absorb and retain the information coming from the health

care provider. Factor in age, possible hearing disabilities, multiple ailments, appointments and/or specialists; the confusion is


A family practitioner in Ludington, Michigan thinks recordings of appointments could be a tremendous help to patients.

Naturally, Dr. Ryan obtains consent from his patients prior to recording and uploading to a secure online platform, 

in which patients and family members can listen at their convenience, according to The New York Times.

Numerous health care providers are recording and even video taping (with patient approval) appointments. 

Does a recording really make a difference?

The Dartmouth Institute (for Health Policy and Clinical Practice) has started studying recording procedures and the 

results are promising. The 2014 review compared recorded doctor’s appointments and revealed that consultations 

that were recorded, helped patients more clearly understand the information given to them.

For more on this topic, check out The New York Times article, which includes a

detailed interview with Dr. Ryan and one of his patients.

Why this matters:

As healthcare continues to find new ways to achieve patient-centric approaches, how might recordings help empower 

the and better educate the patient as they leave their appointment? Patient education can tremendously help patients

understand vital aspects of their health and well-being. From debunking myths, unraveling complex procedures and

treatments and outlining health-related concerns, timely knowledge is power that will allow patients to get a better 

handle on their health.

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