Indianapolis, IN. – Several trends we’re following this year are focused around the patient’s voice and bringing it in early and often. Lilly recently released a new project; The Hero’s Journey Art Projectthat speaks to those trends and celebrates the hero’s that have participated in past clinical trials.

Conceived by Lilly’s Clinical Innovation team, clinical trial patients as well as members of the community are encouraged to express their thoughts through painting bricks that will be a part of several crowdsourced sculptures commissioned by artist, John Magnan.

“A clinical trail is its own hero’s journey. People give up something to possibly get something in return. They are coming to terms with changes in their own lives and have set out to find a new beginning.”

The project will consist of three sculptures that symbolize trail markers on the clinical trial journey and are named for each of the three phases: Departure, Initiation and Return.

The first installation was installed last March at the LiveStrong foundation in Austin, TX: