EyeForPharma, Philadelphia – I had the pleasure of joining Patrick Richard on the #efpphilly stage today to talk about a new path for innovation in pharmaceutical marketing.

We surveyed registered attendees prior to the conference and found that path isn’t clear today:

We think marketers deserve more certainty.

The good news is: The answer is out there

Most healthcare marketers are deluged with research. There are the prescribing reports, ongoing digital analytics, libraries of syndicated surveys, segmentation analyses, qualitative market research, and so much more. Each with its own methodology and context.

As compelling as each piece of data is on its own, they don’t easily come together to form a single view of the marketplace. And, they certainly don’t qualify and quantify new opportunities. We’re truly:

That’s where predictive analytics comes in. It’s an algorithm and methodology that lets us combine all that data into a single clear picture to create a complete simulation of your real market environment, in a safe digital space.

From there, marketers can test every imaginable scenario of marketing mix, spend, and competitive action. We see the real-world results of each of those simulations in the form of specific revenue forecasts and market share shifts.

Obviously this is really exciting stuff. You can learn more and download a great new report on this new era of accountability and transparency at DataDrivenExpectations.com

We closed the talk with an opportunity for marketers to start to draw their own canvas. This worksheet is designed to help people think through the range of data they already have and what gaps exist in it. Then, they can start to sketch what tactics or practices they’d like to challenge, which they’d like to test and where they need to learn more. Click below to download and try it: