I’d first heard of Biosector 2 as a junior staffer at another, larger agency conglomerate – we kept losing pitches to them and all I could think was: Who are these people? How are they coming up with these super cool programs? Wait, they don’t have titles? That’s so … weird. I could never work at a place like that.

Boy, was I wrong.

I first set foot in the B2 office for my interview. I was at a career crossroads; trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be as a PR professional. The office set up was different then; very industrial, but with a very large fridge full of soda, specifically my weakness, Diet Coke. I made an excited comment and continued to the conference room for my interview.

The second time I walked through the doors at B2 was for my first day of work. I was excitedly greeted by my team and new colleagues, shown around the office, and immediately put to work. There is no other way to describe it than: I was home.

Coming on the heels of the announcement that we are a finalist for The Holmes Report’s Healthcare Agency of the Year, I got to thinking about my time here. The thing about B2 is the “secret sauce” – but there isn’t one special ingredient. It’s every single person here, helmed by the all-female leaders who are steering this ship. They are equal parts smart, driven, passionate, and empathetic, and that trickles down to every person at this agency. The range of personalities and interests of the people who make up B2 manage to click into a cohesive unit where kitchen conversations can include sports rivalries, the latest trending topic on social media, or a heated debate of rainbow vs. chocolate sprinkles (rainbow, obviously).

Our backgrounds, interests and personalities are united under one commonality: our love of healthcare. We are all healthcare, all the time, and let’s face it: the no walls, no titles mantra is quirky and unlike any other PR agency in this area. But this passion and this focus is how we’re able to embody our four core values: we don’t settle, we adapt, we keep it real, and we’re all in. When your agency’s values match the values of your employees, you know you’re doing something right.

In the last six years (HALF the time I’ve lived in New York City!) B2 has grown – in size of staff, in the work that we do, in the way the office is set up (don’t worry, we still have the soda fridge) – and with that, so have I. It’s allowed me to figure out who I am as a PR professional, but gave me the understanding that the “who I want to be” can be fluid. The last few years I’ve been able to marry my two favorite things, healthcare and social media, into what I do day in and day out. This place allows you to carve your own path, partner with clients who want to make (and are making) a difference and stack your team with some of the brightest colleagues I’ve ever worked with.

About the Author:

Alison Frenz is a Team Lead at Biosector 2. She has nearly 15 years of healthcare public relations experience, particularly in developing holistic strategies and execution for both brands and pharmaceutical companies. When she’s not working, she’s obsessing over Boston sports teams and day dreaming about lobster rolls from her hometown in Maine.