Philadelphia, PA — Chris Iafolla and I just stepped off the big stage at Digital Pharma East. We had the great opportunity to preview our annual digital trends report with the marketers and technologists there. This is our biggest report of the year – read by tens of thousands across healthcare and marketing.

The report will officially publish on October 12th, but you can get a preview right now, too.

The full presentation from Digital Pharma East is available to click through on Slideshare or you can download it right here. You can also sign up to get the full digital trends report (or any of our trends reports) delivered right to your inbox the day they’re published.

In short, these are our top digital trends for 2016:

#1 See it, don’t save it

After a decade of digital hoarding, today’s sharers want to just live in the moment.

#2 Running In Your Background

Wonderful little tools and algorithms are making the internet – and all your devices – do more for you before you even think to ask.

#3 My Robot

Name him Big Hero or R2D2. Just get ready: this is the year a robot might come home with you.

#4 Naked Without It

Nearly half the people who own a smart phone say they couldn’t live without it –Pew Research Center

#5 Digital Exclusion

Remember a time before the internet? Turns out, millions of people are still living it.

#6 Simplifying Simple

How do you make something seem easier to use? Make it easier to use.

#7 Do You Really Know Me?

Consumers expect personalized experiences but get frustrated with brands that act like false friends

#8 16-Bit Rewind

Games used to be easy to pick up and play. Now, they are again.


About the Author:

As Managing Director of Innovation and Insights for Syneos Health Communications, Leigh is responsible for building and scaling a global team of healthcare experts who together help life science leaders better understand the complex lives, influences and expectations of their customers. Specifically, they uncover actionable insights that fuel empathy and creativity; lead co-creation events that let marketers learn from peers, trends, and new possibilities; and help clients identify the most valuable and useful new customer experiences to create.

Leigh has worked with Fortune 1000 companies to craft their digital, mobile, social and CRM strategies for nearly 20 years.She’s worked for category-leading agencies in retail, public affairs, B2B technology, and higher education. Prior to moving to Syneos Health Communications, she held several leadership roles at our largest agency, GSW.  There, she founded an innovation practice fueled by the zeitgeist and spearheaded digital and innovation thinking across the business.

Leigh has taken a special interest in complex healthcare products that can change lives in meaningful ways. She was recently a strategic lead on the 3rd largest launch in pharmaceutical history: Tecfidera. Before that she had keys roles with Eli Lilly Oncology, Abbott Nutrition, Amgen Cardiovascular, and Eli Lilly Diabetes.

A critical part of Leigh’s work is trends and new ideas. Every year, she convenes a group of trend watchers from across our global network to identify the shifts most critical to healthcare marketers. This year, she led over 250 experts to experts to focus on the most important changes in the commercial, consumer, marketing, digital and healthcare landscapes. (See reports at

Leigh is a sought-after writer and speaker. Recognized as one of the most inspiring people in the pharmaceutical industry by PharmaVoice and Top 10 Innovation Catalysts of 2017 by MM&M, Leigh also was recognized  as a Rising Star by the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) for her overt passion, industry thought leadership and significant contributions in new business, strategy and mentoring.