Another insightful and inspiring day for the Digital & Social Strategy team. Today was the final day of the Digital Pharma East conference and it did not disappoint. While the day was filled with smaller talks and panels, the takeaways were still very monumental. Some of topics covered today included The Golden Age of Data Analytics, Enriching Healthcare Through Virtual Reality, and Leveraging Patient Influencers to Improve Disease Management. 

Here are just a few of the great quotes we heard throughout Day 3:

  • “Metrics and analytics keep the collective team accountable. If the campaign underperforms, then everyone is at fault.”
  • “The world is changing. Pharma companies need to be digital centric just as much as they are patient centric.” 
  • “We must adjust our expectations and design targeted, timely, simple interventions to address the barriers to patient engagement.”
  • “Dream exponentially but plan in reality”
  • “When implementing measurement in customer analytics, senior management buy-in is essential.”

As much as we love listening, we also have a pretty strong point of view of digital healthcare. So today we had two of our team members, Steve Marino and Christine Soya, host and participate in “The Digital Difference: New Forms of Patient Engagement” panel. It was a great conversation about how digital is impacting our industry and its effect on the healthcare service model.

“Digital can help us pay attention to patients, truly understand their lifestyle, and create meaningful ways to help them.” – Steve Marino, Head of Digital and Social Strategy at Syneos Health

Bonus Content: In case you missed our keynote address yesterday, on effective social marketing for clinical trials, MM&M Magazine published a great piece on it today. Or, you can download the full report here:

It’s been a great 3 days. We learned a lot and made a ton of new friends in the process. Be sure to check back to get our full recap where we dive into the specific sessions we sat in on. And follow us on Twitter to see all the great moments from Digital Pharma East. #DigPharm

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