This week, the Digital & Social Strategy team traveled to Philadelphia to attend the Digital Pharma East conference – the largest event focused exclusively on digital marketing for the life sciences. In addition to hearing all the great sessions and panels, the team will be presenting a keynote address on Wednesday titled Engagement Equation: Increasing Pharma’s Probability of Success with Digital Advertising

Here are some of the impressive insights we uncovered on Day 1:

“Doctors interrupt patients at an average of 11 seconds into the explanation of their symptoms.”

-Mapping the Patient Journey to Find New Opportunities to Build Brand Strength and Deepen Patient Relationships

 “Customer experience is the foundation to growth and loyalty, and it will replace price and product in the customer purchasing choice. Trust is the ultimate currency.”

-Four Keys to Delivering Personalized, Trusted Digital Experiences to Doctors, Patients, and Consumers 

“Telemedicine platforms offer patients a virtual relationship with doctors, better user experiences, and increased data security.” 

-Point & Click Care Session

“86% of Millennials say they would rather be healthy, than wealthy.” 

-Health Authenticity is the New Health Literacy 

“Partnerships get you to think differently about your business and challenge the perceptions set up within your industry.”

-Importance of Partnerships

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a recap of Day 2 and follow us on Twitter to catch all the great moments from Digital Pharma East. #DigPharm

About the Author:

Scott is an award winning creative who spent his career working in advertising as a Digital Content Specialist and Copywriter. He’s worked on a number of standout campaigns, high-profile brands and various disease states. If you need a big digital idea, he’s your man. Scott is on the Digital and Social Strategy team at Syneos Health Communications, and is instrumental in creating, launching and maintaining various social campaigns and websites. In 2017, Scott published “T1D Won’t Stop Me," a book aimed at showing kids that with a positive attitude, and some creative thinking, having diabetes doesn’t have to get in the way of living your best life.