InTouch recently published a report on digital sales aid usage based on their 12-month tracking study that measured how often sales reps were using them and how valuable the content was to HCPs.

Key findings included:

  • 30% of sales reps don’t use the digital sales aids they are provided
  • 2/3rds of HCPs reported that the content in digital sales aids was not customized to their practice or their patients.
  • The percentage of digital sales aids that included drug comparisons, MOA videos, and Patient education materials increased, but the percentage of HCPs who want to see that content exceeded the percentage who actually got to by around 35%. In other words, physicians want much more of this information.


Why it matters: Nearly 80% of US consumers expect brands they purchase from to deliver personalized content to them (see our 2016 Digital Trends Report). Given that much of the content from digital sales aids isn’t personalized to a HCP’s needs, it’s no wonder that reps are choosing to not to use them.


You can view InTouch’s findings here:

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Jeffrey Giermek