Seattle, WA. – Amazon announced last week the unveiling of their new cashier-less store, Amazon Go. Opened on the 29th within the ground floor of Amazon’s new headquarters, the ‘7-eleven’ style store will boast convenient items such as things easy to grab-and-go.  

This new model however wasn’t born overnight. 5 years in the making, Amazon has set their eyes on making the traditional convenience store model even more simple and easy. And they’ve done just that – by eliminating the lines and hassle of grabbing for a method of payment on your way out.

You can read more about what’s in ‘store’ for this location and Amazon’s plans to expand here.

Why This Matters –

One of the trends we’re following in 2018 is called “Better Experience In Store” which is fascinating to watch evolve. As traditional brick and mortar stores attempt to lure customers back into the front doors, they are doing everything possible to upend the traditional experience.

This example is just as fascinating – take a business model that started online, and introduce a new brick and mortar experience based on what everyone has come to love – Amazon’s ease of doing business. Their seamless payment model built into the convenience of a grab-n-go style store makes it an attractive proposition. And on the backend – just another opportunity for Amazon to grab data that better dissects our shopping habits and in turn, evolves the experience even further.

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